100 best rock and alternative songs of all-time.

Alice in Chains:  I Stay Away.  Would?.
APC:  Judith (Lohner remix).
Avenge Sevenfold:  So Far Away.
Blink 182: I Miss You.  Stay Together For the Kids.
Burton Cummings: Glamour Boy.
Bush:  Little Things.  The Sound of Winter.
Jerry Cantrell:  My Song.
Chevelle:  Vitamin R.
Copyright:  Rock Machine.
Kurt Cobain:  You Know You're Right (solo).
Creed:  Are You Ready?.
The Cure:  Just Like Heaven.
Deftones:  God Hands.  Hole in the Earth.
Dishwalla:  Counting Blue Cars.
Dredg:  Bug Eyes.
Filter:  Hey man, Nice Shot.
Finger Eleven:  Above.
Flobots:  Handlebars.
Foo Fighters:  Long Road to Ruin.  Stacked Actors.
Future Leaders of the World:  Let Me Out.
Godsmack:  Whatever.
Green Day:  Welcome to Paradise.
Hole:  Doll Parts.
IME:  Not Quite Sonic.  Raspberry.  So Gently We Go.  Subterranean Wonderland.
Incubus:  Anna Molly.  Drive (acoustic).
The Killers:  Mr Brightside.
Korn:  I Will Protect You.
Kula Shakur:  Tattva.
Linkin Park:  The Catalyst.
Marcy Playground:  Gin and Money.
Megadeth:  Washington is Next.
Metallica:  Hero of the Day. St Anger.
Ministry:  Lay Lady Lay.  Paint it Black (cover).
Mobile:  See Right Though Me.
Modest Mouse:  Ocean Breathes Salty.
Moist:  Leave it Alone.
Monster Magnet:  Powertrip.
The Moody Blues:  Nights in White Satin (no poem).
My Chemical Romance:  Ghost of You.  Sing.
Nickleback:  Breathe.
NIN:  Right Where it Belongs.  We're in this Together.
Nirvana:  If You Must. Old Age.  Verse Chorus Verse.
Offspring:  All I Want.  Hammerhead.  I Choose.
OLP:  In Repair (no intro).  Naveed.  Teardrop Carnival.
Pearl Jam:  Not For You (SNL).  Who You Are.
Puddle of Mudd:  Blurry.
Pulp:  Common People.
Radiohead:  Let Down.  Optimistic.
The Red Hot Chilis:  Monarchy of Roses.
Smashing Punkies:  Cherub Rock.  Muzzle.  Rocket.  Starla.  TEITBITE.  33.  Tonight, tonight.  United States.
Sound Garden:  The Day I Tried to Live.
Staind:  How About You?.
The Stills:  Still in Love.
STP:  Army Ants.
Strata:  New National Anthem.
The Strokes:  Under Cover of Darkness.
Sum 41:  Screaming Bloody Murder.
The Tea Party:  Sister Awake.
30 Seconds to Mars:  Attack.
Thom Yorke and B.Greenwood:  Fake Plastic Trees (acoustic with girls screaming at start).
Tool:  Parabola.  Right in Two.  Rosetta Stoned.  Stinkfist.  Wings for Marie part I..
The Tragically Hip:  Nautical Disaster.
U2:  Breathe.  Running to a Standstill.  Staring at the Sun.
The Watchmen:  All Uncovered.  Any Day Now.
Wide Mouth Mason:  My Own Self.

Two unknown songs would've made this list; be uploaded yet as not commercial now.  One features a ukulele and the lyric: "A Ferrari, this is your requiem!", might be acoustic Tool.  The other sounds like soft Deftones with the lyric: "Do you feel low? Break!".  MCR's "Sing" steals a sample from it.  List is a bit sexist.  "Serotonin" would've garnered considering but is about taking a train of guys.