winnowing down KG portfolios

who has gas

Natural gas is cheap as of late 2011.  All that sindustry money pooling in AB may trickle down to their gas companies.  TKG was impressed by the performance of MB/SK/ND during the recession.  They have diversified economies and TKG has never followed Singapore, Australia or India investments.  The other recession outperformers.  Also like Ontario's renewable energy portfolio, their materials science clusters, and their immigration.  Will consider their bonds, possibly Hydro, in addition to the central North American 3:  the longer investors have to muse over the recession, the more they should gravitate towards the good kids of the recession.  CAD at 95 cents USA, looks like a nice place to park money.  Looking for a pure bee play.  So is Breyer's.
TKG's second investment was in a store front flashing small cap company TKG was lucky to exit with minor loss.  They had debt due and defaulted.  No one from companies or in the financial community likes to talk about truths that may hurt a stock price, as a lower stock price could itself cause an even lower stock price.  If a company's debt due dates aren't crystal clear, $15M due on Sept 30th 2014 or whatever, don't invest.  TKG likes New Flyer, a transit bus manufacturer, as a biz.  TKG can't understand their preferred share structures and will not invest.