investing in copper

Cu or Cu-plated door handle
TKG likes copper as an investment.  Copper and Cu alloys are antimicrobial.  Cu is used for water pipes in the developing world and wind turbine components.  Wind is one of the best epidemic electricity sources.  Geothermal is best.  The coal supply line will be impossible to maintain; nuclear power plants will be hard to police.
TKG's first instinct in choosing between Lundin or Hudbay was to look at who has the most bills to pay in the next 9 years.  But Lundin has massive copper reserves.  TKG would rather take these potentially risky assets and buy something counter-cyclical and take less copper with Hudbay.  Lundin will be a baseline portfolio asset to measure up against as well as an initial part of TKG's portfolio.
Incidentally, the EPA measures the antimicrobial efficacy of new copper coatings.