reasoning behind investment benchmark selections

TKG is manging two portfolios, competing against some rock investments over a 9 year biz cycle.

#1, Lundin, owns massive copper reserves.  There have been debt servicing problems around 2007-08.  There is political risk with a Congo mine, but whoever is in power in Congo in a decade will likely want to help Africa procure water pipes, wind turbine alternators, and copper plate hospital equipment.

#2, is a long term USA bond fund.  The USD was a flight to safety even in a USA mortgage-unleashed recession.

#3, is a Wilshire 5000 fund.  It is the USA market.  In CAD it has some Chindia (commodity) exposure as a hedge against USD depreciating.

#4, TAVIX is an international fund managed by a value investor student of W.Buffett.  Hoping for some early-Buffett years, returns.  Easier to find bargains and not indebted (depreciating) nations, abroad.

#5 is GE.  I thought about a pure medical instruments play like Boston Scientific.  Like the aging boomer play.  But USA insurance industry prescribes too many useless tests that place USA physicians at a conflict of interest.  Given USA deficit/debt I can't see this pork continue.  GE has a few segments.  Some TKG doesn't like.  But gets a conglomerate penalty on the bright side.  Tough to find a USA conglomerate without petro exposure.

#6 BRK.b.  Probably the best case study of how to choose wise managers to invest in.  Everyone knows Berkshire Hathaway.