carbon sequester specific R+D

I've got a few R+D proposals to initiated.
A resercher in Iran bottled 3 types of wood for just over two weeks to measure the diffusion of distilled water into the wood.  Merely weighing the wood was enough to get the moisutre weight vs the dry weight.
I can do this for different wood sizes and different types, a spruce, a pine, tamarack.  Perhaps different times from harvest.  Probably over months or a year I can record this info.  I can also use peat pore water as a solvent in addition to distilled water.  I need a way of measuring the concentration of phenolics in the water not soaked up by the wood, to see if it is different from the pre-soaked peat pore water.
This one I can do on my own, but measuring the phenolic pore water intensity/concentration of peat from which I've removed pore water; I want to harvest pore water without drying out the peat left behind.  Waiting for rains might be best, but still, if I remove the good juice it will leave pore wtaer at a reduced concentration at least temporarily.  I don't want the peat bog left behind to emit CO2 or methane.  I'm confident peat porewater is a harvestable economic asset as isostatic rebound will eventually dry out some peat now far away from the Hudson's Bay shore which was once the shoreline.  And there should be increased rainfall in throughout the Canadian Shield in a globally warmed world; less drying out.